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Finsbury was established in 1987 as a specialist compressor and pump, service and repair company and from its inception, Finsbury’s philosophy has been to provide professional service and products to Adelaide and South Australian Businesses.

We are 100% South Australian owned and operated company. We are independent of strategies of overseas multi nationals and always consider our customers needs first. Finsbury only recommend equipment selected for their quality, suitability and economy of operation over their entire lifespan. Every effort is made to keep the capital outlay as low as possible.

Our management and engineering team would are one of the most experienced in South Australia with an average of over 22 years service in the compressor and pump industry.

Additionally our service technician’s share in our depth of experience and provide quality work which we are proud of, and ensure continues, by providing training which results in excellent results for both Finsbury and our customers.

Growth through Reliability

Our growth has resulted by providing quality and dedicated service to our customers. We are presently entering a new era of growth which will be extremely beneficial to our customers in as much that not only can Finsbury provide quality service, we are now capable of providing some of the most reliable and efficient air compressors, filters and air dryers in the world.

Finsbury is considered to have one of the most professional and technically advanced service divisions in the industry. We understand that what we do today will effect how you view us tomorrow, so we work hard to ensure that your best interests come first.

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