Our Service

Specialising in the service and repair of air compressors, filtration, dryers and aftercoolers of all makes throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

We consider the efforts we take to ensure that your AIr Compressor units run reliably and economically between visits. This will not only reduce your overall maintenance costs by avoiding costly failures, but will enable you to be more productive. A formula which we believe will enhance the future of your business.

Ongoing Support

With Finsbury Service, you have the unique choice of service support which best meets your needs:

► Just call us when you need us


► 24/7 Emergency Support

► Basic service or thorough inspection

► Reports and preventative maintenance

► Quoted annual service agreements
    - We stick to your budget


► Extended warranties

► Fixed price service contracts

► Programs tailored to your specific needs

► Free Support and Advice


compressor gauge

Our service facilities include:

  • 4 fully equipped service vehicles
  • Large well equipped workshop
  • Full air end diagnostic service – extremely beneficial in avoiding costly failures or premature overhauls
  • Capacity testing – to help correctly size your compressors
  • Compressor cycle monitoring – to determine the load cycle of any given compressor in a multiple compressor installation
  • Oil analysis service – monitors the internal condition of your compressor
  • Airline installation equipment – installations to compressed air standards are under our full control and completed by our own staff or fully qualified comntractors.
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection equipment to aid in reducing unnecessary loads on compressors and power costs.
finsbury guarantee

Prevent Future Breakdowns

There are two different approaches to service:

A). Regular general servicing according to the manual and repairing faults as they occur (ie reactionary maintenance)

B). Regular general service with thorough inspection and testing, and the replacement of components which may fail between one service and the next (ie preventative maintenance)

We offer the type of service which best suits your needs, and reduces unforeseen and often larger repair costs as well as costly down time, to provide a true preventative maintenance service.